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HybriGen® power and propulsion

Keeping our waterways clean is important to the health and survival of our planet. BAE Systems is leading the way with clean, quiet, alternative propulsion systems. With more than 15,000 electric drive systems in service worldwide, BAE Systems' electric hybrid, battery electric, and fuel cell electric systems are now getting marine vessels to zero emissions.

BAE Systems HybriGen® power and propulsion systems have a proven track record of delivering safety, quality, performance, and reliability. Our packaged solutions provide efficient electric propulsion and auxiliary power using on-demand technology to reduce the gap to zero emissions. Our HybriGen patented technology provides a nearly silent, vibration-free electric propulsion enhancing operator and passenger experience.

Geo-fencing technology can also be applied to HybriGen power and propulsion system to enable zero emission zones. This intelligent geo-fencing technology allows the vessel to turn off the diesel engine and operate in full electric mode when entering ports, marinas, and other heavily-trafficked areas. Our packaged solutions offer an energy storage solution sized to suit the application and have on-board and shore-side charging capabilities.


HybriGen<sup>®</sup> power and propulsion system drawing


Integrated installation & support

BAE Systems provides our customers with the most comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration, training, and support in the industry. We stand by our systems and have a proven track record of reliability and performance that gives our customers confidence that our solutions can be depended upon.

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