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Bus solutions

Helping cities get to zero emissions with electric solutions

Demand for more electric bus solutions continues to grow worldwide due to their multiple benefits. Transit authorities appreciate the fuel savings and lower cost of operations and maintenance. Communities benefit from a reduction in emissions. And riders enjoy the quieter, cleaner, smoother bus ride.

Our products

With an extensive portfolio of green power and propulsion solutions, we can help bus operators make an impact on the environment using incremental steps. We realize some operators are closer to zero emissions than others and we offer options designed to get bus operators to zero no matter where they are on their journey.

Get to zero with a proven partner and systems integrator. When you choose BAE Systems electric bus solutions, you also get comprehensive integration and support that our competitors do not provide. That includes a certified Application Engineer to make sure our systems are integrated properly from day one, plus on-site technical advice and thorough training. And it’s all backed by our Flexible Service Plan, customized to fit your business model, including a coordinated spares management program.

Global integration

To offer transit operators maximum flexibility, BAE Systems delivers environmentally friendly solutions and superior systems integration with market leading bus manufacturers across the globe. In North America the following buses are powered by our electric drive technology: Nova Bus, New Flyer, Gillig, and El Dorado. In Europe, Alexander Dennis Limited, Iveco, and Solaris offer our systems on their buses.

Learn more about our bus solutions. Call us today at +1 607.770.2083 to arrange a meeting.