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Marine & Port Solutions

Helping to clean up waterways and ports with our low and zero emission power and propulsion systems.

With an increased demand for low and zero emission power and propulsion systems for marine vessels and container handling equipment, BAE Systems offers proven solutions to get our customers moving. From passenger ferries to tugs and terminal tractors to switcher locomotives, our marine and port solutions reduce emissions and operating costs while offering operators and riders a cleaner, quieter environment. For a reliable electric-hybrid, battery-electric, or hydrogen fuel cell power and propulsion system, BAE Systems has the efficient solution you need.

Our Products

BAE Systems provides some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led solutions, used in the aerospace, transportation and marine industries. The company employs a skilled workforce of 83,000+ in more than 30 countries. Working with customers and local partners, BAE Systems develops, engineers, manufactures, and supports high-integrity products and systems that protect the environment. We’re providing sustainable water transport and container handling equipment with our HybriGen® solution for marine vessels and port solutions.

Integration & Support

BAE Systems provides our customers with the most comprehensive power and propulsion systems integration, training and support in the industry. We stand by our systems and have a proven track record of reliability and performance that gives our customers confidence that our solutions can be depended upon.

Learn more about our marine and port solutions. Call us today at +1 607.770.2083 or email to arrange a meeting.